NT.ph does not exist in Windows 95 install - fix 
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 NT.ph does not exist in Windows 95 install - fix

FWIW I had the same problem as an earlier poster installing 110-i86
under Windows 95.  I unpacked the source and ran install.bat, but it
died complaining that it couldn't find file NT.ph, which in fact was
not on the drive.

Turns out I had gotten some errors unpacking using pkunzip 2.04g, due
to some complex and some similar filenames, so I unpacked using
Stuffit Expander.  For some reason, that didn't create an NT.ph in the
LIB subdirectory.  

When I unpacked with pkunzip and ignored the errors, NT.ph appeared
and the install ran to completion.

- Walt Bilofsky

Wed, 14 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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