tmadmin works sometimes followup. 
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 tmadmin works sometimes followup.

I posted a message a couple months ago regarding a command not
typically working.. I finally got around to testing the solutions, and
just wanted to thank the people who replied and post what worked.

First what was wrong:
# Code begin
open(TUX,"tmadmin <<EOF\nv\npsr\nEOF\n|")  ||

close TUX;
# Code End

Someone said that since the above is a heredoc it actually creates a
temporary file... well, my /tmp directory is full right now and I am
seeing this problem.  Perhaps this is why???  I get no error messages

So, I used this suggestion and everything works fine.

I suppose this is because of the full tmp directory.  tmadmin never
receives the input because there is no here-doc file.

Thanks to Benjamin who recommended the above.


Mon, 17 May 2004 18:30:23 GMT  
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