Question about floating point math w/perl 
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 Question about floating point math w/perl

I am trying to use perl for numerical data reduction. I have three output
files which are of the same lenght, are composed of two rows of numbers,
and each have time as the first field. I open them, then do the following:

(open lines are of the form:
  open( BRAD,"< BRAD.1" ) || die "can't open BRAD.1: $!\n";

while ( <PDEC> ) {
  ($time,$dec) = $_ =~ /^\s+(\.\w+E[+-]\w+)\s+(\w*\.\w+)/;
  $tmp = <BRVL>;
  ($vel) = $tmp =~ /^\s+\.\w+E[+-]\w+\s+([-]*\w*\.\w+[-]*\w*)/;
  $tmp = <BRAD>;
  ($rad) = $tmp =~ /^\s+\.\w+E[+-]\w+\s+(\w*\.\w+)/;

  $integ = $dec*$vel/$rad^(3.*1.27-2.);

  printf "%.3f %.3f\n",$time,$integ;


I use PDEC to find the time, then ignore it in the next two matches; I then
need to calculate $integ, a quantity I will numerically integrate using a
fortran routine.

My problem:
$integ is an integer. In addition, when $vel is negative, $integ = 4294967292.

Is there a fix?

Thanks - feel free to reply to this group or to me via email.

Mon, 23 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 Question about floating point math w/perl

This may not be a complete answer to your question, but I
wonder if you might have really wanted exponentiation in the

$integ = $dec*$vel/$rad**(3.*1.27-2.);

It would be unusual to want to XOR these floating point values.


P.S.  This is a mistake I have made more than once...


>   $integ = $dec*$vel/$rad^(3.*1.27-2.);


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Mon, 23 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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