problem, LWP: and Net::FTP: fail SLOWLY 
Author Message problem, LWP: and Net::FTP: fail SLOWLY

I've been using for a short while.  It's performance is SLOW
because the fetch methods LWP: and Net::FTP: are failing, and do so only
after 2-3 minutes of delay.  /usr/bin/ncftpget does succeed, but is only
  tried after the above methods fail against all configured mirror sites.

Two questions:
1) Where might I begin to figure out why LWP: and Net::FTP: are failing?
2) In lieu of 1, how can I skip the first two methods?

I have tried installing the latest LWP::UserAgent.  Also, I am running
Perl 5.8, so I should have very recent versions of LWP and Net::FTP I



Mon, 20 Jun 2005 00:43:03 GMT  
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