Whats wrong here...(with AutoLoader)... 
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 Whats wrong here...(with AutoLoader)...

When I run the folloing 'hello'  perl program I get this:

 at Hello.pm line 9
Hello, World

Here's my hello program using modules:

use Hello;



require Exporter;

# use AnyDBM_File for later use...
use POSIX;
use AnyDBM_File;

sub hello { print "Hello, World\n"; }

As far as I can tell, this used to work with my perl 5.000 (pre-1m).

I'm running this on SGI IRIX 5.2 (does the same thing on 5.3).

Strangely, If I move the 'use POSIX' and 'use AnyDBM_File' above
my 'package Hello;' line, the AutoLoader message disappears. But
I can't explain why this is happening...

Any help is appreciated...


Rajul Vora
Varimetrix Corp.

Tue, 14 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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