File glob not working properly 
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 File glob not working properly

I want to use code looking something like this:

while ($file = <*.c>) {
        print "$file: \n";
        ... do other stuff


but when I tried it I got

sh: /dev/null: permission denied

This was on a Linux 2.0.0 Slakware 3.1 using Perl 5.003.  However, when
I moved the script to a computer using Linux 1.2.13 Slakware 3.0 and
under Perl 5.001, it worked fine!  The man pages say it should work, I'm
guessing it might be Slakware that's at fault.  I've checked permissions
and even tried running the script as root, but it doesn't help.  I have
already built a simple workaround and just wanted to know if anyone out

responses.  Thanks! :)

Jeremy Queen

Wed, 10 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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