Error: Runtime Exception <-- on longrunning sub 
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 Error: Runtime Exception <-- on longrunning sub

I just got a strange errormessage. I made a program using Perl/Tk, and a
button which starts a sub which reads files on the HD. If I point the sub to
a directory with many files (eg. 500), my program crashes and perl shows me
the errormessage:

Error: Runtime Exception

On the other hand, if I point my sub to a small dir containing about 50
files, my program works fine. It seems that when I call the sub from a
button, my program crashes if the sub takes more than about a sec or so. But
when I called the sub with the Bind-command, this problem never occurs.

Where did I go wrong?

Thnx!  d=O)

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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