Installing ActivePerl 5.6 on Linux/Apache shared website 
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 Installing ActivePerl 5.6 on Linux/Apache shared website

I'm trying to install the generic Linux/Solaris Version of Perl on my
web server.  I do not have root permissions, buy I'm told I don't need
root permission to install this version.  I'm installing this version
of Perl because I want to be able to install and use perl modules from
CPAN. My webhost already has Perl installed, but I'm not able to
install modules myself.  I'm hoping to use this version of Perl instead
and be able to install modules on my own.

Anyhow I'm having a problem installing it on my Linux/Apache web
server.  I used the instructions on the website for installing it.  And
I'm getting an error.  Anybody else have this problem?  Here is what
the telnet session looks like:

Enter top level directory for install [/usr/local/ActivePerl-
5.6] /home/t-shirts

/home/t-shirtshopper/modules appears to already exist.

WARNING: Install may fail if any existing files cannot be overwritten.

The typical ActivePerl software installation requires 35 megabytes.
Please make sure enough free space is available before continuing.

Proceed? [y]
Setting up links
ZZperl/bin/perl: No such file or directory

    Install failed, unable to relocate perl!

If you had problems or questions about the installation process,

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Sun, 13 Jul 2003 00:40:09 GMT  
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