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> I finally managed to send html email so that it could be viewed in any of the
> web based email sites, eg, hotmail, yahoo etcc. My only problem is that in
> order to pull it off i had to create the html tag by tag thorugh netscape
> messenger, which is a tedious process. I have tried several other programs but
> they end up sending the message as an attachment and they do not come up
> properly on the web based email sites. Is there any other way of sorting this
> problem then the one i mentioned above or is there a software that does this
> where i can copy and paste the html and send it.

I have a sneeking suspision you are on a hiding to nothing here. Most (if not
all) of the web based email sites have had a torid time of late with embeded
HTML messages. Specifically it is the <SCRIPT></SCRIPT> tags that cause the
problem. (Do a search on any online news feed for 'javascript email bug' and
you can read all of the{*filter*}details :-) ).

As a consequence of this they all filter HTML tags, it just depends how good
the programmers are as to whether all tags disappear or just javascript tags.
(I think <APPLET> tags are vunerable as well).

This probably explains the reason why they don't appear to handle text/html
type attachements very well, (Probably not using Perl) and you have to
laboriously type out the HTML tags. (Is there anyone else still coding HTML
by hand like me?)

Another problem, and this is the biggie, is that more and more mail clients
(eudora, Netscape, etc....) have this really annoying habit of sending
absolutely everything as an attachment by default. (I wont start or this
could go on forever) I suspect you can override this behaviour but most people
don't even know they are doing it. (You can blame the windoze point and click
brigade for this one). The even bigger p*** **f is the trend to automatically
sending everything as a two part mime/alternative multipart message. Outlook
started the trend I think, and like everything MS it was done badly. I don't
have a beef with mime/alternaitve, it's a good concept, it's the execution
that gets me mad.

So back to your original question (which doesn't seem to have anything to do
with Perl BTW) the answer is probably going to be no. However (to get
vaguely back on topic) you could role you own using some of the Perl modules
available on CPAN. MIME-Tools and Mail-Internet spring to mind,but I suspect
that's not what you where asking for. :-)

(Bummer just re-read this and I suspect I will now get kill filed by many.
 Ah well, lifes a {*filter*} and then you die.)

Ian J. Garlick

A lack of leadership is no substitute for inaction.

Sun, 08 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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