X11::Fvwm 0.1 available 
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 X11::Fvwm 0.1 available

Version 0.1 of X11::Fvwm has been uploaded to PAUSE, and should propagate to
CPAN servers over the next few days.

When available at CPAN, you can find it as:


Until then, there is a brief page about the module at:

        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~randy/perl/X11::Fvwm

this page does include the man page for the module, and a snapshot of a
sample Tk-based application. In a day or two, links to directly retrieve
the package through CPAN will be added.

This is an alpha release. Not all planned features are in, not all data
packet types are yet correctly identified and dissected. The interface
style andoverall functionality are still subject to drastic change before
this moves into beta.

>From the README file for 0.1:

X11::Fvwm version 0.1 (alpha 1)


This is a Perl 5 extension to simplify writing Fvwm2 modules in Perl 5. Not
only in Perl 5, but with the Tk extension as your GUI library!

This requires fvwm 2.0.45 or better, and perl 5.002 or better. It is very
highly recommended that you also install the latest version of Tk (which is
Tk400.202 as of this writing), also available from CPAN.


Fvwm2 has a very well-defined module API, to allow the brunt of non-core
window-manager work be done by external modules. X11::Fvwm is a layer over
this interface, allowing you to use Perl rather than C as the language for
developing these modules.

When fvwm launches a module, it sets up file descriptors for two-way
communication, and proceeds to occassionally broadcast data packets to
those modules that have asked to receive the given data type. The modules,
in turn, can send commands back to fvwm, including requests for more (and
more specific) data, operation on windows managed by fvwm, etc.


mind a short note to know that you're using this, just so I can justify its
continued development :-).


distributed under terms of the Artistic License used to cover Perl itself.
See the file Artistic in the distribution of Perl 5.002 or later for details
of copy and distribution terms. All rights reserved.


"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in
the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." --Calvin

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