Help for OODBs and Perl vs Java or C++ 
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 Help for OODBs and Perl vs Java or C++

    Can anyone offer advice to a scientist/biologist on OODBs and Perl?

    The quandary: I need to create millions of persistent, complex Perl
data structures to handle data from the human genome project. I am
considering using using the CPAN ObjStore driver for ObjectStore
(commercial OODB from Only a few 1000s of these objects
may be needed in RAM for specific calculations at one time. But the
ability to transparently access any known gene's marked-up data, while
regularly adding new marked-up information to any existing gene/record
as new knowledge becomes available from experimental research, would be
invaluable to my work. (I would  like to stay with Perl, the {*filter*}
language in bioinformatics, rather than retreat to C++ or Java, which
are officially supported by ObjectStore. As an aside, I also hope to
provide human-readable accessibility to the OODB's data through XML and
my Apache web-server.)

    The question: Does anyone have experience or recommendations on the
stability, scalability, usability, or performance-tractability of  the
current versions of ObjectStore and for this class of

Thank You,
    Bobby Otillar
    UC San Francisco Biophysics Group.

FYI: I run on  WinNT, RedHat Linux, and SGI IRIX. Perl is my preferred

Tue, 10 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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