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 Archive::Tar module

Is the Archive::Tar a good module for extracting tar files?

I'm curious, because it doesn't seem to have been updated in a couple
years (27-Apr-2000 version 0.22).  Also it seems like there's a few
bugs (and I haven't really tested it that much) for instance:

  - If you don't pass $tar->extract() any arguments it only extracts
the first item in the archive.

  - Symlinks and hard links don't get created.   This appears to be
because the first arg to the link command is the relative path in the
archive, but the current directory is the dirname of the path.  In
other words, it's in the wrong directory when it tries to do the
link. (or the path it's using is incorrect for the current working

Are there any other, better modules that can extract files from a tar

Also, are there any modules that can deal with a compressed (not
gzipped) tar archive.  Or even a separate module that just does the
uncompression.   I've found a few modules that do some kind of
compress/uncompress (Compress::LZF, Compress::LZO, Compress::LZV1,
Compress:Zlib), but none of them seem to handle UNIX "compressed"

Sat, 22 Jan 2005 03:35:49 GMT  
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