Installing on Linux Redhat with binary distribution Xerces-c.... 
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 Installing on Linux Redhat with binary distribution Xerces-c....


When installing on my Linux Redhat machine I do the following :

- unpack and set environment-variables for Xerces-c implementation (binary
- unpack
- setting environment
- perl
- make

then an error occurs saying that the program can't find the file
This file logically must be found under the xerces_headers directory (which
can be found in the root-dir in which the XML-Xerces-1.5.7.tar was
unpacked), but apparantly the make tries to find it from the . directory
(which is the root-directory in which the XML-Xerces-1.5.7.tar was unpacked)
What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance,
Bas van Driel

Mon, 12 Apr 2004 19:09:00 GMT  
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