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 MIME-Tools - MIME::Entity - extra newline problem


I have a problem with MIME::Entity->as_string() inserting extra
newlines.  The message I create is to be posted to a news server,
therefore it has a Newsgroups: header line.  Here's the code I use to
create the message:

$entity = MIME::Entity->build(Type => "text/html",
                              From => $sender,
                              Subject => $subject,
                              Date => $date,
                              "Message-ID" => $msgId,
                              "Newsgroups:" => $newsgroups,
                              Data => $data);

where $newsgroups is equal to:


which is just a long list of newsgroup names I made up to exceed the
62-character limit (it always chops off after the 62nd character).

I post the message using the as_string() method as follows:


Here's the offending line from the text that as_string is returning:


It chopped off the last newsgroup name and continued on the next line!
The news server spits back an error when it receives messages like
this.  Is there any way I can turn this line-splitting behavior off?


Mon, 14 Jun 2004 05:42:04 GMT  
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