Archive::Zip 1.03 released to CPAN 
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 Archive::Zip 1.03 released to CPAN

Archive::Zip version 1.03 has been released.

This is a bug fix version to fix compatibility with Perl 5.005
and platforms that have "volume names". It adds no new functionality
over 1.02, but if you have a non-Unix system, or a 5.005 Perl, you
probably want to get this.

>From the README:

The Archive::Zip module allows a Perl program to create, manipulate,
read, and write Zip archive files.

Zip archives can be created, or you can read from existing zip files
or strings (using IO::Scalar). Once created, they can be written to
files, streams, or strings.

Members can be added, removed, extracted, replaced, rearranged, and
enumerated.  They can also be renamed or have their dates, comments, or
other attributes queried or modified.  Their data can be compressed or
uncompressed as needed.  Members can be created from members in existing
Zip files, or from existing directories, files, or strings.
Directory trees can be added or extracted simply using special tree

This module uses the Compress::Zlib library to read and write the
compressed streams inside the files. Note that versions of Compress::Zlib
prior to 1.06 truncate data and should not be used.

Compress::Zlib prior to 1.08 caused crashes on some Windows systems.

Examples and helper libraries are given to show how:
  * zip files can be read and written to strings
  * zip files can be written in chunks to arbitrary functions


1.03 Mon Sep  2 20:42:43 PDT 2002
  - Removed dependency on IO::Scalar
  - Set required version of File::Spec to 0.8
  - Removed tests of examples that needed IO::Scalar
  - Added binmode() call to read/writeScalar examples
  - Fixed addTree() for 5.005 compatibility (still untested with 5.004)
  - Fixed mkdir() calls for 5.005
  - Clarified documentation of tree operations

1.02 Fri Aug 23 17:07:22 PDT 2002
  - Many changes for cross-platform use (use File::Spec everywhere)
  - Separated POD from Perl
  - Moved Archive::Zip::Tree contents into Archive::Zip
    A::Z::Tree is now deprecated and will warn with -w
  - Reorganized docs
  - Added FAQ
  - Added chunkSize() call to report current chunk size
    and added C::Z BufSize patch from Yeasah Pell.
  - Added fileName() to report last read zip file name
  - Added capability to prepend data, like for SFX files
  - Added examples/ for self-extracting archives creation
  - Added examples/ for validity testing
  - Made extractToFileNamed() set access/modification times
  - Added t/testTree.t to test A::Z::Tree
  - Fix/speed up memberNamed()
  - Added Archive::Zip::MemberRead by Sreeji K. Das
  - Added tempFile(), tempName()
  - Added overwrite() and overwriteAs() to allow read/modify/write of zip
  - added examples/ to show how to read/modify/write

1.01 Tue Apr 30 10:34:44 PDT 2002
  - Changed mkpath call for directories to work with BSD/OS
  - Changed tests to work with BSD/OS


Copyright (c) 2000-2002 Ned Konz. All rights reserved.  This program is free
software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms
as Perl itself.


>From CPAN, in directory

as Archive-Zip-1.02.tar.gz

Sat, 19 Feb 2005 12:41:30 GMT  
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