Win32::NetAdmin - creating users 
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 Win32::NetAdmin - creating users


I am fairly new to Perl and would appreciate some help. I am trying to write
a script to create new users in NT3.51 and 4 using the NetAdmin UsersCreate
function. So far this consists only of the following:

use Win32::NetAdmin;
use Win32;
Win32::NetAdmin::UserCreate('', $uname, "wrc", 1, USER_PRIV_ADMIN,
"c:\users\$uname", '', UF_SCRIPT, "login.bat");

Perl runs this OK (no error messages appear) but it has no effect - no new
user appears. I don't think it's the way Perl is set up as other functions
and scripts run with no problems. I am using the NetAdmin module that came
with the latest libwin32 distribution. Can anyone tell me what might be
going on?

Thanks very much,

Steve Gray

Fri, 22 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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