ANNOUNCE: WebFS::FileCopy 0.03 
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 ANNOUNCE: WebFS::FileCopy 0.03

I am happy to announce the first major release of WebFS::FileCopy 0.03.

>From the README:

This is the WebFS::FileCopy package.  This module provides subroutines
for the getting, putting, copying, moving and deleting of files located
by URLs.  It also supports listing directories identified by URL.
Currently, files for getting can use any URL protocol, such as file,
FTP, HTTP, etc.  For putting, only the file and ftp protocols are
currently supported.

Notable features:

   * Uses LWPng for simultaneous file transfers.

   * Get the contents of multiple URLs simultaneously.

   * Put content into multiple URLs simultaneously.

   * Copy multiple files located by URLs to multiple locations simultaneously.

   * Delete a file located by a URL.

   * Move a file located from located at one URL to another location.

   * List the contents of a URL directory.


This package is based on Gisle Aas's LWPng-alpha module, which is still
alpha code.  Because the LWPng interface may change in the future, this
module may break if LWPng is updated in the future without updating


   * Perl 5.004_04 or greater.

   * LWPng-alpha-0.23 or greater.

   * Net::FTP.


I have built and tested the WebFS::FileCopy package on both Solaris
and Windows NT machines.


The latest version of this package is available for download from a CPAN
(Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) site near your at


or from my FTP site:


In order to use this package you will need Perl version 5.004_04 or

You will need a LWPng-alpha version 0.23 or greater.  Versions older
than this one will not work with WebFS::FileCopy.  Get LWPng-alpha
from CPAN as CPAN/authors/id/GAAS/LWPng-alpha-?.??.tar.gz.

If you do not have Net::FTP installed, use CPAN to install Net::FTP.

If you want to install a private copy of this package in some other
directory, then you should try to produce the initial Makefile with
something like this command:

        perl Makefile.PL LIB=~/perl


See the CHANGES file for a list of recent changes.  POD style
documentation is included in all modules and scripts.  These are
normally converted to manual pages end installed as part of the "make
install" process.  You should also be able to use the 'perldoc'
utility to extract documentation from the module files directly.


I welcome all comments and bug reports.  Please email them to


Copyright (c) 1998 Blair Zajac. All rights reserved.  This package is
free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
terms as Perl itself.
Dr. Blair Zajac                 Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences

(626) 583-6729, FAX: 583-7827   252-21, Pasadena, CA 91125

Sat, 06 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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