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Hi all,
Hope someone can give me a hint on this...
I have a Form addressing my macperl cgi, wich checks in a text file and
return some html.
The whole thing is in french (with accents).
The only problem I have is that in my form, some settings include
accents, wich are URL
encoded when posted to the cgi. The decode the string and
transform the special
characters into PC characters (i.e. "%e9" becomes chr(233)). From there,
the strings can't
match my file text, cause it's in mac character ("%e9" should become
Is there a module that translates charaters from PC to Mac? Or did I
miss something in the module?
I don't want to build a function to do it by myself, cause there's a lot
of characters that falls
into this category, and I eant to be sure the're all taken care of.

Thanx for any input...

Jean-Francois Cote
Les productions Tornade

Sat, 07 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT vs. mac characters


> Is there a module that translates charaters from PC to Mac?

If you're dealing with one-byte character definitions (e.g. NOT CJYK),
you should be able to use Unicode::Map8 to map from macintosh to
unicode and then map from unicode to the appropriate Windows code-page
for your language.


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