ANNOUNCE: X11::Wcl 0.1 
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 ANNOUNCE: X11::Wcl 0.1

I have just uploaded the initial version (0.1) of X11::Wcl to PAUSE.

This module provides an interface to the Widget Creation Library,
allowing rapid prototyping of GUI interfaces by specifying both
widget trees and widget resources using the standard X resource
syntax.  Creating an application mainly involves writing the
resource specifications and the PERL callback routines.

The 0.1 README is attached.

Joe Buehler

This is a PERL module that interfaces PERL to the Widget Creation
Library and Motif.

You must have the following installed before you start:

- Wcl 2.7, with the enclosed patch applied
- Motif (whichever version you want to use with Wcl)
- SWIG 1.1 (later versions will hopefully work)

I have placed a copy of Wcl 2.7 in CPAN with this module, so you do
not have to hunt it down on the net.

To install:

    perl Makefile.PL
    make install

Optimization is on by default, which can take a while.  You can
compile with

    make OPTIMIZE=

if you want to turn optimization off.

Currently, this has only been tested under RedHat Linux 4.2 using
RedHat Motif 2.0.  Porting to other platforms should be easy.  Setting
up for the Athena widgets should also be easy.

There is very little custom code in this module, it is mostly
generated from X11 and Motif header files by SWIG.

The Wcl-gen perl script runs the C preprocessor on a selected set of
header files, then edits the output a bit to make it more palatable to
SWIG.  To port to a new platform, you should only need to make
modifications to Wcl-gen, and perhaps the header file list in Wcl-i,
and obviously Makefile.PL.

The Makefile is set up to have SWIG generate HTML documentation on the
constants and classes that it generates.  There is also some pod
documentation on the functionality provided by the package in the
Wcl-pm file, and in the examples in the examples/ directory.

The Makefile setup is a bit odd, if you know all about MakeMaker, let
me know how to fix it up.

Joe Buehler

August 8, 1997

Sat, 29 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 ANNOUNCE: X11::Wcl 0.1

I am making 3 modules available thorugh PAUSE; the following is the message to
the modules maintainers, describing all three.


I have developed a large Perl application (a Cold Fusion-like dynamic Web
page generator written in pure Perl), and since the design is
object-oriented I'd like to make some constituent modules available to the
Perl community. The package as a whole will be released at a later date. It
is used exclusively on UNIX now, but has hooks to be used under any
platform that supports Perl, though all features (DBM support, for example)
may not be available on all platforms).

Mailing list-based support will be added this week. Each module includes
its CPAN code (status, interface, support type, etc.) in parentheses after
the name, as well as a URL at the end of the description.

Developer: Kyle Downey

Project: to develop a highly-portable and powerful dynamic page generator
for the Web that combines Cold Fusion-like pseudo-tags with server-side
scripting. The system is called Atomik Kafe, and it is currently used to
maintain and The whole package may be
released under the GPL at a later date.

DLModule/DLMLoader (bdpO): a framework for plug-ins in Perl that takes the
ideas behind AutoLoader and builds an object framework on top of
dynamically-loaded Perl fragments. Supports inheritance and overriding of
plug-in methods.

PLex (bdp0): Perl Lexer, an object-oriented parse-lex framework. Used to build
a server-side scripting language and HTML template interpreter. Includes
objects to lex, parse, contain namespaces, etc..

DSI/DSource (adp0): An experimental framework that provides the same
object-storage interface (DataSource Interface, DSI) to text files, DBM,
and DBI-based SQL databases. Designed to allow applications to scale
seamlessly from simple text databases to large SQL ones just by changing a
text file. Adds methods to the DBM and text versions to simulate
field-based searching. Currently only DBM support is well-tested and complete.

Until now this project has been proprietary, so it has not been reviewed in
public, but it has seen active use and development for two Websites. If you

and I will put you on the correct mailing list when it's up.

Thu, 03 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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