ExtUtils::MakeMaker making symlinks in blib instead of copies 
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 ExtUtils::MakeMaker making symlinks in blib instead of copies


haven't you ever found it would be nice to have a 'make' target that
would build the content of blib using symlinks instead of copying the
files there?

Here's my context: when I work on h2xs-style modules, I use emacs to
edit the source .pm files, then I have 'compile' run something like
'cd the-right-place ; make ; perl -Mblib t/sometest.t'. Then, life
being as it is, I start perldb. I find myself tracing in MyStuff.pm<2>
buffers that visit the files copied to the blib area. I can't change
them because they're read-only, and of course even if I could my
changes would be overritten next time. Plus, I cannot use nifty perldb
features, like the ability to set breakpoints via a C-x space in the
source MyStuff.pm buffer.

It seems to me that life would be a lot simpler if I had a 'make
symlinks'. I'd do most of my work via the blib, until 'make disttest'

And FTM, why does the directory structure laid out by h2xs differ from
that of a deployed module in the first place?

Also. I'd be interested in knowing what *your* development cycle for
modules look like - perhaps I got mine wrong for years, who knows?

Mon, 26 Sep 2005 18:57:26 GMT  
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