Reading a single line from a socket 
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 Reading a single line from a socket

> Try making your pipes hot.  This is a helpful idiom:

> $oldfh = select(S); $| = 1; select($oldfh);

> There is a very helpful article on making pipes autoflush "hot" in last
> month's Perl Journal, check it out.

The English name of the $| special variable is $OUTPUT_AUTOFLUSH.

I don't expect that setting it to 1 will be much help when using the
filehandle for *input*.

The best way to return only the first line is to read only the first

print scalar <S>;

Beyond that, four-argument select() is called for.
(Or the IO::Select module.)


> > The server spits out a greeting, and then waits for user input...much
> > like SMTP.  What I need to do is write a small testing script that will
> > connect to the port and return only the first line.
> > I have tried using:

> > while(<S>) {
> >   print;
> > }

> > ...but that hangs b/c the server is awaiting for user input.


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