ANNOUNCE: Time::Format 0.04 
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 ANNOUNCE: Time::Format 0.04

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Announcing an update to perl module Time::Format.  This version includes
internationalization features -- if I18N::Langinfo is installed and the
locale is properly set, month names and weekday names will be displayed
by %time in a language appropriate for the current locale.

Now available on CPAN.

>From the README:

Time::Format provides a very easy way to format dates and times.  The
formatting functions are tied to hash variables, so they can be used
inside strings as well as in ordinary expressions.  The formatting
codes used are meant to be easy to remember, use, and read.

Also provided is a tied-hash interface to POSIX::strftime and

If the I18N::Langinfo module is available, Time::Format provides
weekday and month names in a language appropriate for your locale.


 $time{'Weekday Month d, yyyy'}   Thursday June 5, 2003
 $time{'Day Mon d, yyyy'}         Thu Jun 5, 2003
 $time{'DAY MON d, yyyy'}         THU JUN 5, 2003
 $time{'dd/mm/yyyy'}              05/06/2003
 $time{yymd}                      030605

 $time{'H:mm:ss am'}              1:02:14 pm
 $time{'hh:mm:ss.uuuuuu'}         13:02:14.171447

 $time{'yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss.mmm'} 2003/06/05 13:02:14.171

 $strftime{'%A %B %e, %Y'}        Thursday June  5, 2003

 $manip{'%m/%d/%Y'}               06/05/2003
 $manip{'%m/%d/%Y','yesterday'}   06/04/2003
 $manip{'%m/%d/%Y','first monday in November 2000'}  11/06/2000

There are also corresponding functions for each of these hashes,
which you can use if you prefer a function-based interface.


Time::Format is a brand new module.  It has a decent test suite, but
it hasn't been used much in the Real World yet.  Thus it should be
considered "beta" software.  When six months pass without any bugs being
reported, or any features being added, I'll bump the version to 1.0.

$_ =  reverse sort qw p ekca lre Js reh ts
p, $/.r, map $_.$", qw e p h tona e; print

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