DBI-1.14 working on AIX 4.3.2? 
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 DBI-1.14 working on AIX 4.3.2?

Platform is AIX 4.3.2, perl 5.005_03. Perl coredumps when running the
Makefile.PL for DBI-1.14 right after the message indicating that it's
checking for kit completeness. Yet DBI-1.13 builds fine and passes all
tests on the same platform, same machine. Anyone have any insights or
thoughts? The only perl version constraint which I see in the DBI-1.14
README file is "preferably 5.004_04 or later".

* Nick Geovanis
| IT Computing Svcs
| Northwestern Univ


Sun, 16 Feb 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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