ANNOUNCE: Text::MetaText version 0.19 released. 
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 ANNOUNCE: Text::MetaText version 0.19 released.

The latest version of Text::MetaText is trundling its way through CPAN
as I type.

MetaText is (yet another) text processor, ideally suited to web page
generation and other similar tasks  (they seem to be getting real
popular these days... I wonder if template processing in perl has
become a standard part of a college course somewhere? :-)  

Included in the distribution, for those who are at a loss facing this
plethora of modules,  is a 'Features' file which lists the main features
of MetaText and compares and contrasts it to some of the other text
processing solutions out there (e.g. Text::Template, Parse::ePerl,

Included below is the README file.


# Text::MetaText
#   Version 0.19

#   All Rights Reserved.
#   This file is contains relevant extracts from the MetaText documentation
#   to provide an overview of MetaText and in particular, the installation
#   process.
#   For more information, see the full MetaText documentation and
#   support files:
#      Changes   Somewhat verbose list of per-version changes.
#      Todo      Known bugs and possible future enhancements.
#      Features  A summary of MetaText features and brief comparison to
#                other perl 'template' modules.


    CPAN: /modules/by-authors/Andy_Wardley/Text-MetaText-<ver>.tar.gz

    gunzip Text-MetaText-<ver>.tar.gz
    tar xvf Text-MetaText-<ver>.tar
    cd Text-MetaText-<ver>

    perl Makefile.PL
    make test
    make install

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    use Text::MetaText;

    my $mt = Text::MetaText->new();
    print $mt->process_file($myfile);
    print $mt->process_text($mytext);


    Text::MetaText - Perl extension implementing meta-language for
    processing "template" text files.

        use Text::MetaText;

        my $mt = Text::MetaText->new();

        print $mt->process_file($filename, \%vardefs);

        print $mt->process_text($textstring, \%vardefs);

        %% DEFINE
           variable1 = value          # define variable(s)
           variable2 = "quoted value"  

        %% SUBST variable  %%         # insert variable value
        %% variable %%                # short form of above

        %% BLOCK blockname %%         # define a block 'blockname'
           block text...
        %% ENDBLOCK %%

        %% INCLUDE blockname %%       # include 'blockname' block text
        %% INCLUDE filename  %%       # include external file 'filename'

        %% INCLUDE file_or_block      # a more complete example...
           variable = value           # additional variable definition(s)
           if       = condition       # conditional inclusion
           unless   = condition       # conditional exclusion
           format   = format_string   # printf-like format string with '%s'
           filter   = fltname(params) # post-process filter

        %% TIME                       # current system time, as per time(2)
           format   = format_string   # display format, as per strftime(3C)

    MetaText is a text processing and markup meta-language which can
    be used for processing "template" files. This module is a Perl 5
    extension implementing a MetaText object class which processes
    text files, interpreting and acting on the embedded MetaText
    directives within.

    Like a glorified pre-processor, MetaText can; include files,
    define and substitute variable values, execute conditional
    actions based on variables, call other perl functions or object
    methods and capture the resulting output back into the document,
    and more. It can format the resulting output of any of these
    operations in a number of ways. The objects, and inherently, the
    format and symantics of the MetaText langauge itself, are highly

    MetaText was originally designed to aid in the creation of html
    documents in a large web site. It remains well suited for this
    and similar tasks, being able to create web pages (dynamically
    or statically) that are consistent with each other, yet easily

    *   standard headers, footers and other elements can be defined in
        separate files and then inserted into web documents:

            %% INCLUDE header %%

    *   variables can be defined externally or from within a document,
        then can be substituted back into the text. This is useful
        for including your %% name %% or %% email %% address or any
        other variable, and for encoding URL's or file paths that
        can then be changed en masse. e.g.

            <img src="%% imgroot %%/foo/bar.gif">

    *   conditional actions can be made based on variable definitions,
        allowing easily and instantly customisable web pages. e.g

            %% INCLUDE higraphics/header if="higfx && userid != abw" %%

    *   blocks of text can be internally defined simplifying the
        creation of repetitive elements. e.g.

            %% BLOCK table_row %%
            <tr> <td>%% userid %%</td> <td>%% name %%</td> </tr>
            %% ENDBLOCK %%

            %% INCLUDE table_row userid=lwall  name="Larry Wall"         %%
            %% INCLUDE table_row userid=tomc   name="Tom Christiansen"   %%
            %% INCLUDE table_row userid=merlyn name="Randal L. Schwartz" %%

    *   in addition, the metapage utility is a script which can
        automatically traverse document trees, processing updated
        files to assist in web document management and other similar

    MetaText requires Perl 5.004 or later. The Date::Format module
    should also be installed. This is available from CPAN (in the
    "TimeDate" distribution) as described in the following section.
    The metapage utility also requires the File::Recurse module,
    distributed in the "File-Tools" bundle, also available from

    The MetaText module is available from CPAN. As the 'perlmod' man
    page explains:

        CPAN stands for the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network.
        This is a globally replicated collection of all known Perl
        materials, including hundreds of unbunded modules.  


        For an up-to-date listing of CPAN sites, see
        http://www.*-*-*.com/ :// .

    Within the CPAN archive, MetaText is in the "Text::" group which
    forms part of the the category:

      *) String Processing, Language Text Processing,
         Parsing and Searching

    The module is available in the following directories:


    For the latest information on MetaText or to download the latest
    pre-release/beta version of the module, consult the definitive
    reference, the MetaText Home Page:

        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~abw/perl/metatext/

    MetaText is distributed as a single gzipped tar archive file:


    Note that "<version>" represents the current MetaText Revision
    number, of the form "0.18". See the REVISION section below to
    determine the current version number for Text::MetaText.

    Unpack the archive to create a MetaText installation directory:

        gunzip Text-MetaText-<version>.tar.gz
        tar xvf Text-MetaText-<version>.tar

    'cd' into that directory, make, test and install the MetaText

        cd Text-MetaText-<version>
        perl Makefile.PL
        make test
        make install

    The 't' sub-directory contains a number of small sample files
    which are processed by the test script (called by 'make test').
    See the README file in that directory for more information. A
    logfile (test.log) is generated to report any errors that occur
    during this process. Please note that the test suite is
    incomplete and very much in an 'alpha' state. Any further
    contributions here are welcome.

    The 'make install' will install the module on your system. You
    may need root access to perform this task. If you install the
    module in a local directory (for example, by executing "perl
    Makefile.PL LIB=~/lib" in the above - see `perldoc MakeMaker'
    for full details), you will need to ensure that the PERL5LIB
    environment variable is set to include the location, or add a
    line to your scripts explicitly naming the library location:

        use lib '/local/path/to/lib';

    The metapage utility is a script designed to automate MetaText
    processing of files. It can traverse directory trees, identify
    modified files (by comparing the time stamp of the equivalent
    file in both "source" and "destination" directories), process
    them and direct the resulting output to the appropriate file
    location in the destination tree. One can think of metapage as
    the MetaText equivalent of the Unix make(1S) utility.

    The installation process detailed above should install metapage
    in your system's perl 'installbin' directory (try
    "perl '-V:installbin'" to check this location). See the metapage
    documentation (`perldoc metapage') for more information on
    configuring and using metapage.


    See also:

        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~abw/

    $Revision: 0.19 $

    Copyright (c) 1996-1998 Andy Wardley. All Rights Reserved.

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
    modify it under the terms of the Perl Artistic License.

    For more information, see the accompanying documentation and
    support files:

        README    Text based version of the module documentation.
        Changes   Somewhat verbose list of per-version changes.
        Todo      Known bugs and possible future enhancements.
        Features  A summary of MetaText features and brief comparison to
                  other perl 'template' modules.

    For information about the metapage utility, consult the specific

        perldoc metapage
        man metapage

    For more information about the author and other Perl development work:

        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~abw/
        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~abw/perl/

    For more information about Perl in general:



Signature lost in transit.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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