ANNOUNCE: Informix Database Driver for Perl (DBD::Informix) version 1.00.PC1 released 
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 ANNOUNCE: Informix Database Driver for Perl (DBD::Informix) version 1.00.PC1 released

Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 11:10:02 -0800 (PST)

Subject: ANNOUNCE: Informix Database Driver for Perl Version 1.00.PC1
    (DBD::Informix) released

Informix Database Driver for Perl Version 1.00.PC1 (2000-03-03) was
uploaded to CPAN on 2000-03-16.

Informix Database Driver for Perl (previously known as DBD::Informix)
is the driver code that enables Perl 5.004 or 5.005 to access Informix
databases via the DBI module.  You will need the code for DBI version
1.13 as well.  You should be planning to upgrade to at least version
Perl 5.004_04 as some software in the DBI family will require this
version (eg DBI::Shell).  The code is available for download via:


** When you successfully build Informix Database Driver for Perl,
** use the ItWorks (Perl) script to report your configuration to

** ItWorks does not send email to anybody; you have to do that
** yourself.

New in release 1.00:
* This is the first release supported by Informix. That means that
  R&D engineers will both add new features and fix problems.
* Despite what it says in the Announce file that is distributed with the

  product, no-one can actually buy support for Informix Database Driver
  Perl.  However, there is an email alias set up to handle questions -
  README for details.
* This release provides a (limited) support for UDTs - see README for
* See the ChangeLog file for details about what has changed.

2000-03-20 $


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