ANNOUNCE: Text::BibTeX 0.1 
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 ANNOUNCE: Text::BibTeX 0.1

                                version 0.1

                               8 March, 1997

Text::BibTeX is a Perl module (with a couple of helper modules) for
reading, parsing, and writing BibTeX files.  Currently, it provides only
the lowest level of support needed to process BibTeX bibliographies:
parsing the entries and turning them into Perl hashes.  (Or rather, Perl
objects queried through methods.  But it's all done with hashes
internally.)  No knowledge of BibTeX conventions or requirements is present
in the module, both in order to make it more general (i.e. the input files
could hold any kind of data that lends itself to a bit of structure) and
because I wanted to make this release before adding a whole new layer of

The home site for Text::BibTeX is

and it should show up on CPAN in modules/by-authors/Greg_Ward.


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