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 RFC: Set::CheckList


Set::CheckList -- Keep track of a list of "to do" items.


 use Set::CheckList;

 my $cl = Set::CheckList->new();

 while (defined(my $item = $cl->next())) {
     $cl->set('Randal'); # items can be set in the middle of a loop
     print $item, "\n"




Provides a mechanism for tracking a list of "to do" items.  Each item
can be added to the list any number of times, but is returned only
once by the next() or each() commands. CheckList provides two
interfaces: object oriented and tied hash.

I specifically created this module to help with a page indexing
system.  Each page might be referenced any number of times by other
pages, but should indexed only once.  The list of pages to index also
grows as pages are indexed. CheckList provided a simple way to add to
the to-do list of pages that need indexing even as the indexing

The namespace Set::CheckList has already been approved and is awaiting
my upload to CPAN (which, unless I'm totally shot down on this idea,
will happen not long after this RFC).

Meanwhile, POD and source can be found at


Wed, 21 Apr 2004 03:52:29 GMT  
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