ANNOUNCE: Attribute::Default 1.14 
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 ANNOUNCE: Attribute::Default 1.14

Attribute::Default version 1.14 has been released.

This version of Attribute::Default adds support for using the 'method'
function attribute to process defaults appropriately for methods.

From the README:


You've probably seen it a thousand times: a subroutine begins with a
complex series of "defined($blah) or $blah = 'fribble'" statements
designed to provide reasonable default values for optional
parameters. They work fine, but every once in a while one wishes that
perl 5 had a simple mechanism to provide default values to

This module attempts to fill that gap. It allows you to declare your
subroutines with an attribute which you can use to specify whatever
default values your subroutine should have, and automatically fills
them in if they are undefined or not provided. It works on simple
scalar arguments, list arguments, references, and hash-style named

This is an alpha module. Comments welcomed.


Attribute::Default is available from CPAN:

Sat, 30 Oct 2004 11:33:52 GMT  
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