LinkTree 1.03 
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 LinkTree 1.03

Attempt at the definitive linktree implementation.


Creates symlink trees, also known as shadow directories.  Contains
extra logic to manage merging of directory trees.  We are using this
package to create complete perl installs with different version mixes
for integration testing.

- Prunes bad links and unused directories.

- Creates a listing of merged directories that can be use to rebuild
the merge.

usage: linktree [-n] [-v] [-m 0777] [-u] (<src>|-f LINKTREES) <dest>
         -f <trees>    link all the directories listed in <trees>
         -m <mode>     create directories with <mode>
         -u            unlink
         If $LINKTREE_BASE is set, <dest> may be omitted.

       linktree -p [-n] [-v] [-f LINKTREES] <dir>
         -f <trees>    write a list of all directories linked into <dir>
         -p            prune bad links under <dir> (or $LINKTREE_BASE)

         -n            no operation mode
         -s            silent (don't warn about minor problems)
         -v            verbose


Get it from http://www.*-*-*.com/ !

Requires File::Recurse (part of File::Tools module).

Tue, 18 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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