ANNOUNCE: Text::Vpp 0.01 Versatile text pre-processor 
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 ANNOUNCE: Text::Vpp 0.01 Versatile text pre-processor


I've uploaded Text::Vpp to CPAN. It should propagate to your favorite
CPAN site within a few days.

Here's the README file from the distribution :

This is the README file for Text::Vpp, the Perl
versatile pre-prosessor.

This is Version 0.01.  See the "Changes" file for details on
the new features and fixes in this release.

This mopule was written with perl5.003. It should work fine with perl5.001
or later (although I did not test it).

You may find this module useful if you want to pre-preprocess text.
Vpp understands if, else, elsif, endif, include and can substitute variables
in the text. (See the test files in the distribution)

See the embedded documentation in the module for more details.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Note that this module is in alpha state. Its interface may change (but
I hope not).

Alpha exit criteria:
- When some peoples (well, say 10 guys) tell me that they've used it
  and did not find major bug with the module or minor problems with the



Sat, 21 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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