ANNOUNCE: OpenInteract 1.57 released 
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 ANNOUNCE: OpenInteract 1.57 released

A new version (1.57) of OpenInteract has been released. OpenInteract
is an extensible web application server built on Apache, mod_perl, the
Template Toolkit and SPOPS object persistence.

This is a fairly minor upgrade. Potential bugs related to calling ->id
on an SPOPS object in list context were squashed (sort of a 'Minority
Report' thing); URLs generated from the TT plugin use '&' instead
of '&' as a separator; module dependency declarations in Makefile.PL
should work properly now. Plus a number of other enhancements and


Detailed changes:

It's also winging its way around CPAN.




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Sat, 24 Sep 2005 22:31:37 GMT  
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