Which is the better choice? mod_perl, fastcgi, embperl .. 
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 Which is the better choice? mod_perl, fastcgi, embperl ..

:   How is the stability and performance among mod_perl, fastcgi, embperl ..?

        FastCGI is complicated and hard to scale.  It's like making a bunch
        of standalone servers to handle requests instead of exec()ing a
        normal CGI.  For small numbers of heavily used scripts (a search
        system for instance), it can work well.  For more standard form
        processing CGI and/or large numbers of CGI programs it doesn't.

:   And which one can let my existing perl script working well
:   without painful convert?
:   thank a lot.

        mod_perl, if you're on Apache of course (and if you're looking for
        performance we assume you're already running Apache:-).  The
        Apache::Registry module that comes with mod_perl can *massively*
        speed most of your existing Perl CGI programs *untouched*.

        You can use mod_perl to run embedded perl on the fly as well.

        The ability to quickly create full fledged Apache server modules
        completely within Perl can not be discounted either.  This alone
        is a *huge* amount of power over any other web server, and
        considering there speed (both runtime and development) for many
        common operations leaves little reason to ever use C.


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