ANNOUNCE: AI::NeuralNet::BackProp v0.40, beta 
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 ANNOUNCE: AI::NeuralNet::BackProp v0.40, beta

Announcing the first public release of
            AI::NeuralNet::BackProp v0.40, beta.

Download URL:

Or, you can download it from your favorite CPAN mirror under:


File size totals 35272 bytes.

    use AI::NeuralNet::BackProp;
    my $net = new AI::NeuralNet::BackProp($layers,$neurons_per_layer);

    AI::NeuralNet::BackProp implements a neural network similar to a
feed-foward, back-propagtion network; learning via a mix of a generalization
of the Delta rule and a disection of Hebbs rule. The actual neruons of the
network are implemented via the AI::NeuralNet::BackProp::neuron package.


    A personal thankyou for suggestions from Daniel Macks
and encouragement from Tobia Brox. Thankyou!

    I _DO NOT_ claim to have created a classical
implementation of any form of neural networking. I simply
claim to have created a module which learns using a method
similar to back-propagation. No doubt, methods used in
this module will leave much to be desired. But this is just
a beta release. I repeat, i do not make any claim about the
validity or adherance to any well known AI rules with this package.
This is just a fun experiment that I hope others can help and
have fun with as I have had fun producing this beta copy.

This disclaimer is provided in hopes of warding off any more
troll attacks or 25-message threads. :-) But that was good

Please give feedbacks on any idea you have for this module. Also, if you can
patch any bugs you think you find, or just tell me about any bugs you find
that I didn't mention in README, I would be grateful!

Josiah Bryan
VP of Product Development
TDCJ, Inc.
"Anything is possible."


Tel: 937.316.6256

Wed, 08 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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