HPUX: Extensions built with aCC (C++) 
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 HPUX: Extensions built with aCC (C++)


I wonder if it is possible to build on HPUX a Perl extension based on
shared libraries that have been built with the C++ compiler, aCC.

I *did* this thing working by linking the perl executable with aCC (a
complete build doesn't work), i.e. by doing "make; rm perl; make perl
CC=acc" in the Perl source tree. In addition, I had to initialize some
C++ stuff by explicitely forcing _main() to be called after the shared
library is loaded.

However, just linking Perl with aCC isn't very elegant, and it probably
will cause trouble when our customer happens to install a new version of
Perl without linking with aCC. So if anyone has a tip, please tell me.

btw: I've tried to link the shared library against libCsup, since this
contains the symbols that are missing when using a Perl linked with cc,
but it didn't help.



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Sun, 26 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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