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 ANNOUNCE: Log:Dispatch 1.6


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>From the README:

Log::Dispatch is a suite of OO modules for logging messages to
multiple outputs, each of which can have a minimum and maximum log
level.  It is designed to be easily subclassed, both for creating a
new dispatcher object and particularly for creating new outputs.  It
also allows both global (dispatcher level) and local (logging object)
message formatting callbacks which allows greater flexibility and
should reduce the need for subclassing.  Subclassing is now only
needed to send a message to a different output, not to change the
message format.

>From Changes:


NOTE: 1.5 was never released to CPAN.

- Log/ Added convenience methods for log levels like
$dispatcher->alert($message).  Suggested by Dominique Dumont.


This version introduces some changes into the interface that will
cause incompatibility with any Log::Dispatch::Output interface you may
have created.  However, it is fairly simple to fix.  Simply change the
method in your subclass named 'log' to be called 'log_message'.  You
can also remove the line:

  return unless $self->_should_log($params{level});

This is now done before the message ever gets to the Output subclass
(which is what it should have done in the first place, really.)

This was done so that I could allow per-Output object callbacks, a
feature which several people have requested and which seems useful
enough to warrant the breakage.

NOTE: This change is transparent if you are only using the Output
objects included with this distribution.

- Many: Changed the interface to allow per-Output object level
callbacks and documented this.
- Log/Dispatch/ new base class for both Log::Dispatch and
Log::Dispatch::Output objects (contains callback related code).  You
should never need to deal with this class unles you are me.
- Log/Dispatch/ document _accepted_levels.
- Log/Dispatch/ Fix _accepted_levels so that emergency level
is returned as 'emergency', not 'emerg'.
- Log/ Fix doc bug (change 'file' to 'filename').  Thanks
to Clayton Scott.
- Log/Dispatch/ Do compile time check for O_APPEND constant
rather than run time check.

Sat, 21 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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