DBD::ODBC from 64bit Dec Alpha to MS SQL Server 
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 DBD::ODBC from 64bit Dec Alpha to MS SQL Server

I have been attempting to add an ODBC interface to Perl on a DEC Alpha Unix
(OSF/1) platform.

I have a driver manager (from Openlink) that works and the driver itself has
been proven to talk happily
with MS SQL Server.

My problem is that the ODBC DBD (Version 0.20) doesn't appear to support the
64 bit platform.  Maybe I have
misunderstood but I have tracked my problem down to the 'dbdimp.c' file.
There is a section of code within
the 'dbd_st_fetch' function that test 'fbh->datalen < 0' to see if we are
getting truncation and it does fall into
this error trapping code.  There is a comment that reads:

/* truncated LONG ??? DBIcf_LongTruncOk() */
/* DBIcfLongTruncOk this should only apply to LONG type fields */
/* truncation of other fields should always be an error since it's */
/* a sign of an internal error */

Doesn't sound too clever does it?  Just out of interest there is a line of
debug that outputs 'fbh->datalen' earlier
in the code but uses a printf type of '%d' instead of '%ld'.  With it's
standard %d we get 3 but with the proper '%ld'
(since it's actually a long) gives a very large negative number hence the
test succeeding in the truncation error trap

I did try forcing the test to fail so that we did not get error trapped and
I got a core dump instead.  The next thing I
plan to try is manually truncating the long so that it has a proper value of
3.   My main concern though is that there
may be many other variables that will trip the system up with similar

Has anybody tried anything like this?  Any ideas anybody?

Mon, 28 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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