Can't locate module when using suid - why? 
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 Can't locate module when using suid - why?

After a couple of weeks of re-re-reading the perl documentation, I finally
managed to run a PERL script as another user id using the suid bit (this is
ultimately for a CGI script I'm working on, but for now I'm running it from
the shell).

I've written a really simple script,  (see end of post) and a test
module, (ditto) and then used the script which came
with PERL to make a C wrapper: is renamed as, and a C
executable called is put in its place, which calls

This is running under Linux by the way...

The file permissions are such:

(the directory where my test files live)
drwxr-x---   2 listmast list         1024 Apr  5 14:11 ./

(the files)
-rwxr-x---   1 listmast list          191 Apr  5 13:10*
-rws--x---   1 listmast list         3952 Apr  5 13:59*
-rwxr-x---   1 listmast list           62 Apr  5 13:10*

Now, running as user 'lars', which is also in the list group, I can quite
happily execute the script directly. But, although my test script
doesn't do anything which requires suid'ing to another use, that's what I
intend to do eventually...

So, as user 'lars', I chdir into the above directory and try executing
(ie. the C executable), and get the following error:

Nevertheless, I can run PERL scripts using the above method if they don't
contain modules. At the moment I have worked around it by putting an absolute
pathname, but I would rather not do this.

Can anyone explain why the PERL script doesn't seem to know where to look for
modules when run from the C wrapper?

Here are my test scripts:


require (testmod);

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";

print "<html><head></head><body><p>\n";
print "Hello there...\n";
print "</p></body></html>\n";

package blah;

sub test {

print "This is working!\n";



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(after removing notthisbit that is)

Thu, 21 Sep 2000 04:00:00 GMT  
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