non-root installing modules? 
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 non-root installing modules?

perl -CPAN -e 'install blah::somesuch'

the first time initialized some settings and
creates the "cache" directory ~/.cpan

at some point this prompts for PREFIX and such
but it is unclear how to set or make use of these
or what they control. how do i use these?

my interest is to install and use perl modules
as a user -- not root. i do not administer the
system on which i run perl and do not want to
bother the administrator with this every time
i need another module. don't tell me it's better
to do this as root - it ain't going to happen.

after setting these (PREFIX and such) and
installing modules how do i get perl to see/use
them since they won't be in any default or built
in path?



Mon, 17 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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