DBI and DBD connection problem 
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 DBI and DBD connection problem


I do this: $dbh = DBI->Connect('dbi:Pg:ctfilm');

There is no file named Connect.al anywhere on my computer (find . -name
'Connect.al' -print produces no result)

I am using Postgres 7.2, DBI-1.23, DBD-Pg-1.13 on RedHat 7.2.

ctfilm is a Postgres database.

Any suggestions?

Wed, 24 Nov 2004 09:54:21 GMT  
 DBI and DBD connection problem
Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, never mind me. "Connect" doesn't work well, but "connect"
does. Stupid programmers don't proofread their own code.

Wed, 24 Nov 2004 10:08:55 GMT  
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