RFC: Net::AsyncZ -- Asynchronous add-on and interface to Net::Z3950 
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 RFC: Net::AsyncZ -- Asynchronous add-on and interface to Net::Z3950

I've written a module to handle asynchronous access to Z39.50 servers
based on the Net::Z3950 module.

I know that the Z3950 documentation indicates that the asynchronous
mode is the basis on which the synchronous works, but I didn't have
much personal success getting 'async' to work, and at the same time I
wanted to write a front end to Z3950 for my own use.  In fact, this
began as just that.  In any event, this serves both purposes for me.
It also goes a long way towards dealing with servers that cause
scripts to hang,  that is, your scripts won't hang if you use AsyncZ,
but you will not get your results from the servers waiting in line
behind the offending server. I am working on a modification which will
make it essentially bullet-proof to these servers.

One morning I was able to put through a list of 100 servers and get
back records or error responses from 68.
I haven't been able to repeat the feat.

You'll find AsyncZ at:


Myron Turner

Myron Turner

Mon, 19 Sep 2005 19:17:02 GMT  
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