web based email (sorry, wrong address) 
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 web based email (sorry, wrong address)

If you are looking for a web based email client to run with a www
server on NT4, you can download and try

It is a beta version of a set of cgi programs that can serve your
subscribers as a means of remote accessing and handling their mail.
It has been written in perl and it requires perl to be installed
before it can installed and run. The readme file provides all the
necessary information about its requirements and installation steps.

It is provided at no charge, with no limitations, and obviously with
no guarantee of its correctness, or suitability at any particular
circumstances, or responsibility for any damages it may cause.

If you try it, please, send me a note with your comments, suggestions,
bug reports, etc.

Jack Olszewski
Hermes Internet

Sun, 15 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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