TeX::Hyphen 0.111 with better language support 
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 TeX::Hyphen 0.111 with better language support

Updated version of TeX::Hyphen module is available on

        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~adelton/perl/TeX-Hyphen-0.111.tar.gz

and should appear on CPAN shortly. The main change is the fact that
code parsing pattern files has now support for various languages and
new support should be easy to add. So if TeX::Hyphen was failing on
your hyphen.tex, you can now easily tailor the code to your need,
without breaking the parsing for others.

To briefly summarize what TeX::Hyphen is about, it can be used to
hyphenate word based on TeX algorithm and TeX pattern files. The code
to use it goes like this:

        use TeX::Hyphen;
        my $hyp = new TeX::Hyphen(file => 'hyphen.tex');
        my $word = "representation";

                $hyp->visualize($word), "\n";
        representation is hyphenated at 3 5 8 10, resulting in

The new feature allow you to specify

        my $hyp = new TeX::Hyphen(file => 'dehyphn.tex',
                style => 'german');

for German style (code by Slaven Rezic) and I'll be happy to include
style that would meet the needs of your pattern file and your TeX
user group.


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Sat, 29 May 2004 23:01:37 GMT  
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