Remote connection with DBI/DBD::Sybase 
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 Remote connection with DBI/DBD::Sybase


> If I try to connect to a sybase server on a remote machine using DBD::Sybase
> in a perl script, the script hangs at the DBI->connect.  It resumes execution
> as soon as a query hits the database from some other source (e.g. if I
> type a 'select' statement from the isql prompt, or run another script).

My guess is that this is a linux server, and that you are running a 2.0.36pre7 or
earlier kernel.

Upgrade your kernel to 2.0.36 or to 2.2.x (on the server) and things should
be a lot better.

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Mon, 08 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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