Repost Script Works from Command Prompt but Not via Webserver 
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 Repost Script Works from Command Prompt but Not via Webserver


When trying to call simple test CGI script, my browser times out with
"Waiting for reply".  My script works from command prompt in any directory.
(IIS W2000 Advanced Server

I installed Perl,, and PerlCRT.dll and they work well from the
command prompt.

I (think) I followed the directions in IIS Online Help to the letter.  I
created a virtual directory pointing to a subdirectory of wwwroot (cgi-bin)
and gave it and wwwroot (the directory of the virtual server in point) web
and directory execute permissions.  I also mapped .pl to perl.exe; .plx to
perlcrt.dll; and both .cmd and .bat to cmd.exe and designated them as script
engines.  .pl, .plx are properly associated under the operating
system and execute properly when called from the command prompt.

I have NOT mapped .pm and .cgi. Is this necessary and, if so, to what?

The script works fine when run from the command prompt in the cgi-bin
directory and I can see the scripts when I browse to

The perl script is very simple consisting of:

# Script:
use CGI ':standard';
print header('text/plain'),
"Nothing to it!";

I tried restarting the IIS then rebooted entire computer--both unsuccessful.

I (temporarily) made the IIS anonymous user account part of the
"Administrator Group" to insure full permissions--no luck.

This is the first time I have tried to install/run script files under a
webserver and the error is probably something that should have been
obvious--but I cannot find it.

Tue, 16 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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