Installing GD on a Linux System 
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 Installing GD on a Linux System

I am trying to install GD on a Linux system.  I have perl 5.004 and
gd1.2.  When I try to make GD-1.14 I get about two pages of errors:
Error: invalid GD::Image::new argument name '$;$$' (type 'PROTOTYPE:')
 in GD.xs, line 234
Error: invalid GD::Image::newFromGif argument name '$$' (type
 in GD.xs, line 248

Error: invalid GD::Font::height argument name '$' (type 'PROTOTYPE:')
 in GD.xs, line 935
make: *** [GD.c] Error 45
Does anyone have any ideas?

Mon, 07 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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