O_OBJECT uses warn() not croak(), why? 
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 O_OBJECT uses warn() not croak(), why?

All of the types in Dean Roehrich's perlobject.map do something like

    warn( \"${Package}::$func_name() -- $var is not a blessed SV reference\" );

when checking the type of the incoming argument.  That is, they send a
warning to stderr and immediately return undef from the function.

Why don't they croak()?  All the other places in Perl (including the
standard typemap) die if called invalidly (

    sub foo {


) and that makes sense to me.  This code is instead doing basically

    sub foo {

            carp "Invalid usage";

and I don't understand why.  I see disadvantages and no advantage.  What
am I missing?

Roderick Schertler

Wed, 01 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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