ANNOUNCE: Net::LDAPapi v1.21 Available 
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 ANNOUNCE: Net::LDAPapi v1.21 Available

Hello Everyone,

I have just submitted the following module to PAUSE.  It is also available
on my home page:   http://www.*-*-*.com/

                Net::LDAPapi Module v1.21 for PERL5



   Copyright (c) 1997 Clayton Donley. All rights reserved.
   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
   modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


This module acts as a Perl5 interface to the LDAP C Development Kits from
University of Michigan and Netscape.  The module itself is written completely
in C.  Full documentation is included, as are commented example scripts.


This module requires Perl5, a C compiler, and the LDAP libraries and include
files from either of the following:

   Netscape LDAP C SDK (used by author):
   University of Michigan LDAP-3.3:

It may also work with other LDAP development kits.  Please let me know if
you successfully use it with other kits.


After un-compressing/archiving the file, simply type the following:

   % perl Makefile.PL
      [ Answer questions about include/library locations, select
         University of Michigan if you are not using Netscape's SDK ]
   % make

Now edit the file '' to reflect your LDAP server and a valid CN.

   % make test

You should see 8 successful tests related to binding and searching.  You
will need to use the examples to test modifying the directory.

Now install the module with:

   % make install

You should now be able to 'use Net::LDAPapi' in your scripts to take
advantage of this module.


Additional example scripts can also be found in the distribution under the
'examples' directory.  These include:

      o - This script demonstrates the use of Asynchronous LDAP
         calls to return all the attributes and values for entries matching
         a filter specified on the command line.  Simply change the variables
         at the start of the file to match your environment.

      o - This script demonstrates using synchronous Add, Modify,
         and Delete calls to manage an LDAP server.  You need update access
         to an LDAP server to run this example.  Once again, simply change
         the variables at the top of the file.

      o - This script uses both this module and the
         module available on the Internet.  It allows users to authenticate
         and modify their own information.  You can easily customize this
         program, or learn from it and write your own CGIs.  The BIND
         and WEB_AUTHENTICATE subroutines would be especially useful in
         incorporating LDAP authentication into your own CGI scripts, even
         if the script has nothing to do with LDAP otherwise.


Solaris 2.5 and HPUX 10.20 are tested and known to work.  Anyone using this
on other platforms, please send me email with your results.


I'm looking for any feedback regarding this module or how you use this
module.  If you've got other good examples or such, please send them my
way and I'll include them.


Updates will be uploaded to PAUSE and posted to my personal home page at:


ldap_init doesn't seem to work with University of Michigan's API.  Always
returns unable to connect to server errors.  Use ldap_open instead for now.

Modifying Binary Values is not supported.  Expect this in the next
non-maintenance release.


Clayton Donley, Expatriate Sr. Network Systems Administrator
Motorola (China) Electronics, Ltd.
Beijing, China

Thu, 06 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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