ANNOUNCE: Chart::XMGR v0.95 released 
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 ANNOUNCE: Chart::XMGR v0.95 released

This is to announce the release of the Chart::XMGR perl module.

This module provides a perl/PDL interface to the XMGR plotting package.
It can be used to plot PDLs or Perl arrays.

A simple function interface is provided that is based on the
more complete object-oriented interface.

DSLI entry:

Chart::XMGR   Rdph  interface to XMGR plotting package

Some examples:

       use Chart::XMGR;

       xmgr($a, { SYMBOL => 'plus'};

       use Chart::XMGR ();

       $xmgr = new Chart::XMGR;


       xmgr($pdl, { LINESTYLE => 'dotted' });

The module has been uploaded to CPAN and should be present in
my author ID directory (TJENNESS)


This is the first CPAN release. Feedback is welcomed.

Tim Jenness
JCMT software engineer/Support scientist

Sat, 07 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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