Apache::DBI-connections apparently not re-used 
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 Apache::DBI-connections apparently not re-used

Dear community,
I have installed Apache::DBI and can observe 'new connect's in the
logfile for every process starting up (PerlChildInitHandler works!).
All those connections show up in MySQL (with 'show processlist') as
So far so good.

But when my CGI-script executes, it does NOT re-use any of those
The Apache-log is silent, no 'reusing connection' or so, and MySQL
shows a NEW connection-ID for my CGI-script that executes my SQL.

I have searched all of deja-news, but do not find any explanation.

Many thanks for any pointers.

perl is 5.005
mod_perl 1.21
Apache::DBI 0.88
My httpd.conf PerlRequire is obviously correct (or else I would not
the initial connections)
my script.pl is a 'normal' cgi-bin/script and does work fine, except
that it does not re-use the DB-connections.

Sun, 04 Jan 2004 07:10:33 GMT  
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