using TCL or DBMs in Perl 
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 using TCL or DBMs in Perl

I'm a little new to Perl.  I'm mostly a
TCL programmer.  Anyway, I have need of
a Perl script and I need to modify it to
use some DBM files I created in TCL.

        The files all end with a .db extension,
which seems to throw Perl off.  I can't
change the way the TCL program saves the
DBM becuase it's part of a much larger
system.  Is there a way to use Perl's
DBM commands to use these files?

        Also, I fond the package that lets one
use TCL in Perl, but being the Perl
novice that I am I can't seem to figure
out how to use it.  I tried:

        $i = new Tcl;  


        $i::SetVar (testfield, "testing...

just to set a variable inside the
interpreter.  This caused an error.  It
works fine rihgt up until the SetVar.

        Any help or advice would be much
appreciated.  :)

Richard J. Finn      

CTO - Houston InterWeb Design, Inc.

Sat, 05 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 using TCL or DBMs in Perl


> Richard,

> Why don't you just use Tcl to write your cgi scripts.  Don Libes has
> an excellent cgi library for tcl.  I don't have the location of it
> handy right now, but if you search for cgi.tcl, you should be able to
> find it quite painlessly.

> -- Kevin

        Trust me I would love to!  Karl
Lehenbauer (one of the coauthors of TCL
- he wrote things like arrays and upvar)
is just down the hall from me... he used
to be my boss.  I was practailly raised
on TCL.

        In this particular application I'm
using NeoWebScript, a module for Apache
webservers that lets you embed TCL code
in a web page
( http://www.*-*-*.com/ )
and a {*filter*}Cash credit card verification
server.  The {*filter*}Cash stuff came with
Perl scripts that use the server.
There's a few places n the Perl scripts
where one can add in code to retrieve
info from outsides sources and put store
info... both of which I need to do.

        I don't understand the Perl scripts
enough to know how they do some of the
magic of talking to the server.  They
appear to use some sort of socket
interfacae but all my attempts to
recreate thar activity in TCL have
failed.  I resovled to figure how to
modify the Perl scripts to do my bidding
and that's where I'm stuck.

        I've been successful in loading my DB
file created in TCL (using DB_File), but
the values are all messed up.

        If I could only figure out how to use
the TCL module, or some way of loading
the db file like TCL loads it, or how to
do SetServer and sendmserver in TCL - I
would be fine.  :)

Richard J. Finn      

CTO - Houston InterWeb Design, Inc.

Sat, 05 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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